Press Release

WeblinkIndia.Net Pvt. Ltd. Announces corporate name change to Pvt. Ltd.

March 19, 2011

WeblinkIndia.Net Pvt. Ltd. now introduces itself as Pvt. Ltd., a name that unifies its comprehensive range of Web Solutions and Online Promotion Services. This change in the brand identity gives a brighter and explicable presentation to its diversified service portfolio and presents WeblinkIndia.Net as a dedicated source for customized web solutions. Henceforth, company's online-properties in Business-to-Business (B2B), Recruitment, Matrimonial, Real Estate, Travel & Hotel and Ecommerce Web Development, would be governed under banner of Pvt. Ltd. Only the corporate name of the firm has been changed and importantly, the ownership & management, legal status, location & contact details of the firm will remain unchanged

On this occasion, Mr. S.K Gupta, Honorable Director of Pvt. Ltd. says, "The success saga of Pvt. Ltd. will go on with the full focus on customer-satisfaction and quality services. Creative magnificence and implementation of advanced web technologies will be our leverages, as before, to make a convenient march on the summit of success. Following our tradition of customer satisfaction, we will relentlessly strive on making close alignment of web solutions with customer's requirements and budgets."

Company has been consistently widening its reach in the global market, and this new brand identity would embody its expertise and strengthen its global footprints of success. The transformation of WeblinkIndia.Net Pvt. Ltd. to Pvt. Ltd. is a gala of its long and firm stay in the national and international markets that flaunt its proficiency in the domain and depicts its thrust to meet excellence at every phase.