Exportersindia.com emerges as a tech-driven platform for B2B Marketers

Bracketed with the reliable B2B portals in India, Exportersindia.com, accouter itself with the up-to-the-minute communication technologies to provide faster communications between SMEs and MSMEs. The portal has made a rapid pace in making the communication amongst B2B buyers and sellers easier by frequently improving the allied technologies.

Exportersindia.com, currently, is reinforcing the business via varied features namely, instant SMS, email, virtual number, dedicated mobile App and others allowing the B2B communities to talk instantaneously. Other features such as mobile App and ‘mobile friendly website’ prepare the portal for the users out there. Also, the portal is planned in a way to meet both mobile as well as desktop users. The users can download the app easily from the ‘Play Store’ getting touch with their facilitators at any time.

The Founder & CEO of Exportersindia.com says, "We do realize that people today have a busy schedule and are very much occupied with their respective works. Keeping this thing in mind, we wanted to produce a platform where the less time is invested yet sustaining the essence of business. And with such advancements, I think we have achieved it!"

All-in-all, Exportersindia.com is building an easier and handy way of communication between the users. In fact, the portal is receiving amazing reactions by its users. In addition to this, it is also technically sound thereby aiding the B2B communities to reach each other from every nook and corner of the world.