Have your own personal website (www.Your-Name.com)

WeblinkIndia.Net, an icon for innovative web solutions, has brought a momentous breakthrough in web world with its novel service i.e. "Have Your Own Personal Website". This service is aimed at assisting individuals to globalize their personal identity. The company has designed an attractive package of personal website that includes bundle of advantageous features.

"Today, Internet has become the strongest tool to grab the world into fist and this service gives you an opportunity to do so. This service is oriented to add wings to your dream of having an enlarged personal identity by relaying it on-air, on worldwide web" Says "Mr. S.K. Gupta, Director - WeblinkIndia.Net Pvt. Ltd.

He has also thrown light on the multifaceted advantages of the personal website viz. it helps an individual to have an enlarged identity across the miles, an innovative way to invite people to get connected and know more about user's opinions, thoughts, friends & family people and much more. This website lets others to discover your identity anew on the web.

Talking about the features of personal website he told that user can choose the name of his/her own choice to host this personal website. Unlimited pages can be created on this websites due to unlimited web space provided with this package. It also provides facility to upload unlimited images, videos, blogs etc. Furthermore this personalized website can be altogether optimized as per one's taste and preference. Moreover company provides professional technical support to manage and maintain this website. The other remarkable features are facility to import e-mail addresses from your regular account, send invitation scrap, comments verification etc. Privacy and security is also ensured by giving the facility of password protection. Any section of website can be protected or set on limited access. One of the additional attractions of this service is free POP mails with which one can add wings to his/her online communication needs. These POP mails empower a user to interact with an individual or a group of people by giving them personalized email identity e.g. yourname@your-name.com." Apart from this a collection of exciting themes and template is created so that user can choose the one closest to his style and choice, to control the display of his website.

This service is ideal for today's generations who want to explore the world and get explored by the world. Personal website is shaped as a tool to etch an enlarged global personality for the people who know the importance of E world in achieving their personal and professional growth.

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