Moneybax Properties configure Web 2.0 technology for Buying, selling and renting properties

Buying, selling and renting of properties are just a click away. We, Moneybax Properties, have emerged as a reliable name in the field of real estate. We are driven by the motive to take you to the property you had always dreamed of. The sellers can post the properties that are available for buying and the buyers can inquire about the most suitable property for their investment. 100% moneyback guarantee is the feature that has set us apart from the crowd.

The utilization of Web 2.0 has bestowed multiple facilities to our website. PHP facilitates customization to a great extent and adds to the development of dynamic content on the website. The use of MySql enables the successful storage of all the data regarding the type of property, product, marketing level, specific requirements regarding the apartments, country, etc. and we get back to you with the most apt property based on the details. In addition to all this, your search for buyers, sellers and properties to ends here. Properties on mortgage, insurance guidance, solicitor, conveyancer, etc. are all found our single roof. The value of a property can also be counted accurately herein. Furthermore, the legal documents of the landlord and publication of newsletter stands at the tip of the finger now. It has made registration, news, inquiry and advertisements an easy affair. Buyer brochure and seller brochure are the other features that give us an edge over our competitors. Some of the other web development and designing softwares, that we make use of, are Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Ajax, CSS, Javascript, etc.

So, avail the opportunity to invest your hard earned money in your dream property.