WeblinkIndia, tracking twists of technologies with Twitter

WeblinkIndia is now on Twitter. World is tweeting to tune with the trend, hence WeblinkIndia also decided to address the GenZ through twitter.com. Twitter is becoming popular on a faster pace than any other social networking website. It is no more a concept, limited to "what you are doing", it has become a larger and stronger platform to get connected with desired class of society.

"We always be there on each turn, where people share, converse and need technology and coming on twitter is a yet another step in this direction. We are looking forward for technology sharing, potential feedback and new associations with the people on twitter", says Mr. S.K. Gupta, Director WeblinkIndia.net pvt ltd. Twitter is an opportunity to maintain active interaction with clients and tech-savvies and conclude the trends and demands of global technology market.

Every minute interaction will facilitate us to have a better understanding of what exactly people are looking for and at the same time, we will be able to share our expertise and experience with growing group of tech-savvies.

Our existence on twitter signifies our tradition of being synchronized with innovative trends. Company is moving with an open approach to learn and listen what global technology is urging for. Talking further Mr. S.K. Gupta added, we are set to discuss all about web technologies. We would prefer to connect our solutions with the demands of current technological trends and aspire that our existence on twitter will help us to do the same.

Answering on specific strategies to increase the followers, he says, "We have only one strategy that is to be simple and honest". He added that we are focusing on constructive discussions and knowledge sharing, hence are quite confident about quality and quantity of followers. We know that people will like our tweets, coz they would get what they want.